Grow Bags

Coco Pith Grow Bags are popular Mediums for Green Houses soil less growing system. This is a 100% environmentally friendly product, popularly used in Green houses for Vegetable such as Tomatoes and Cucumber : Flowers basically Roses and Gerberas : Fruits mainly Strawberry. They can be produced in 100% Peat, 100% Hydro (Coco chips) or

Coco Briquettes

Used for all the vegetable and fruits nurseries and the ornamental plants as well as other indoor and out door plant for the retail market and commercial nurseries.  Individual shrink wrapped is also available  Description  Dimensions : +/- 20x10x5 cm Weight : 15 – 20 % Moisture : 8 : 1  Compression ratio : < 0.5 E C level

Coco Husk Chips Block

This product is available in deferent particle sizes to fulfill various kind of horticulture industry Cocochips can be obtained in Low and High, E cLevels. Grade 1. S2. SS 3. SSS4. Crush 5. XL6. Medium This chips grades available in 2Kg, 5Kg, 25kg, 15Kg, 10Kg & 650g bricks as well. 

5kg Block

Entire growing media for vegetable, flower cultivation, farms, greenhouses as well as use in potting mixtures and soil conditions.  100% coco peats/ coco chips Block sizeWeight Out put E c Level Quantity Bulk loading On Pallets : – +/_ 30x30x15 cm : 4.5 & 5 kg: 60 – 70 Litrs: <0.5ms: per 40Ft con1. : 28 MT : 24MT

Coir Fibre

We manufacture high quality coco fibre for International market. We are keen in quality of Fibre , Reducing impurities and remove Moisture contents. We are involved in processing extensive range of coir fibre that is generally extracted from mature green coconut husk. The brown fibre is widely used for fabrication of brushes and other upholstery

25Kg Bale

Specially designed as a most convenient products for commercial growers such as farms, potting mixtures, Landscaping and seed generation.Also use in Golf course settings for soil conditioner and mushroom industry as well. Specially used for horse bedding. Due to low compression ratio easy to break. Size Compassion ratioMoisture Weight Load ability Quantity per 40’Hc  : 75x45x 32 CM: 2. 3: 1 : 25

Coir Disc

USAGE – This product is most suitable for planting at initial stages . these discs suitable for quicker seed germination , commercial nurseries and other large scale usages . Retail / bulk packing ; shrink wrapped and naked discs cartons available according to the customers’ requestthe packing is designed to be dispensed through Super markets

12KG Bale

Specially design on customer’s request since easy to handle and easy to get good load ability for bulk loading.


  In the world Coco peat (Coco pith) is wildly used as a terrarium substrate in various coco iteams for animal bedding. Such as1./1kg humus brick (20 x 20 x7 cm)2./650g humus bricks (20 x 10 x 5 cm)3./500 g Chip bricks (20 x 10 x 5 cm)4./Spider brick (10 x 10 x 2.5 - 5 cm)5./Mini